What does a 47 foot sailboat look like inside?

The beds are double size, except for Sierra's, it was almost a queen. I've cut it down to just over twin size so I could make a lee cloth to secure sails and duffels aft of her bed (towards the back of the boat). Greg and I each have a drawer, as in one each, approximately 3' wide x 2' deep and 1' high. Don't fret we also have a hanging locker (poor excuse for a closet) that is about a foot wide and 4' tall.

There are two heads (bathrooms) aboard, with showers. There really isn't what you would call counter space, more like a corian lip holding up the sink (birdbath).

The salon (living room, dining home, study) is really wonderful! Seriously, I have never been on a sailboat with so many portlights (windows) and opening hatches as ours. The seating is very comfortable and really provides ample seating/lounging for us all. Believe it or not, me Ms anti-TV even has a flat screen! Of course it came with the boat. The salon and the cockpit (patio) are really where we will spend most of our time out of the water. Both are fantastic!

The galley is big enough to whip up good things and small enough to clean in a hurry. I still need to figure out someway to secure myself to the counter when cooking underway.

The white area on the starboard (right side when looking forward) aft side is what we have come to affectionately call "the garage". Like any well utilized garage it is constantly being "cleaned out and ---this is the funny part---organized." Desperately I measured and re measured, organized and shuffled but could not find room for a wash machine, not even the small combo ones. Short of taking out the generator, without which I could not use the blow dryer or microwave and the water maker, also handy to have. However, we now have a lovely tub, the soap and the dirty clothes can both be stored in it, quite convenient.

I hope this has answered some of your initial questions. I look forward to sharing more of our adventure with you soon.