Somewhere in the last couple of days we went on a hike with a guide and saw wild chickens and pigs, barking deer and a Komodo dragon. After our tour we went to a village and gave school pens to the teacher. We found out they had no paper but they were really excited any way.

Today we anchored in a little island called Rinca where we snorkeled and when we went to this other beach we saw a KOMODO DRAGON!!! It wasn't full grown but we didn't dare go on the beach. Sorry I didn't catch it dad, I don't think it would have fit in my peanut butter jar.

Hu'u, Sumbawa
Today Greg decided to catch some waves so mom and I went with him in hopes of finding shells. We went in on the kayak while Greg paddled in on the surfboard. As we were kayaking in a wave started breaking behind us so I told mom to go faster and faster and faster but it was no use the kayak hit the sand and we flipped! (not fun) Mom got a gash on her shoulder and a scratch on her arm and leg. I also got a few scratches.

Kupang, Timor
Today we went on a tour with this really nice guy named Ama. He didn't speak a lot of English but he was very cool and we had fun. I got to feed monkeys!! I love monkeys and they were so cute! We fed them corn pebbles. After the monkeys we went to a restaurant, then to a market. At the market obviously I was the whitest thing there. The women were saying I was beautiful because of my fair skin, so they were doing that pinchy thing. You know like they pinch your cheek and say, "Oh, you are so pretty!"
Also on our tour we stopped at this place that made a special type of really cool instrument. It's kind of like a guitar but round. It's hard to explain but it was handmade and beautiful.

A couple days ago on the trip here it was pretty bumpy. Mom got seasick for the first time in awhile. Otherwise it was pretty much uneventful

June 19
Today Mom and I went to the Indonesian Consulate to get me a visa for Indonesia. After that we walked around town and ate lunch at a Thai place. I had noodle soup and mom had shrimp and vegetables. When we were walking around my feet started hurting so I ended up getting new flip flops. Then we came home, went to dinner and went to bed.

June 18
Today we went to the market. It had so much stuff! It had different foods, music and crafts. Speaking of different foods I tried emu, crocodile, possum, camel and buffalo!  We also bought a cd with this really old instrument that the aborigines would play called a Didgeridoo.

June 17
Today I got to sail on a famous boat called Helsal II. There was not much to do on the boat but it was still fun. We saw a bunch of jellyfish and a sea turtle! I also finally got to try out a water lock.
I met some friends on the boat next to me. They were really nice and their names were Jessie and Tom. They are from England.

June 16, 2007
Yeah! It's the beginning of a new leg! Mom and I flew into Darwin, Australia last night. Finally we are here and I am so happy to see my sea cave (my room) again. This morning I met someone named John and his little "dog" Ralph. Ralph doesn't like being called a dog, he's more like a person. Today we are probably going to this market and maybe buy something there. As for me I'm glad to be back on the boat.

Leg One

Books I've read this summer:
Grossology by Sylvia Branzie
Life of Pi by Yann Martel
3 Goosebumps books by R L Stine
Premonitions by Jude Watson
Disappearance by Jude Watson
Treasure in an Oatmeal Box by Ken Gire
It's Like This Cat by Emily Neville
Tales from Shakespeare - The Tempest, A Mid Summer Nights Dream, The Winters Tale, Much Ado About Nothing

Tonga 2
Today was sort of a crummy day here in Tonga so we did some baking. We made peanut butter cookies and brownies while Pegly was upstairs doing.doing what Peglys do, when he spotted some pumice stone floating around! He quickly got in the dinghy and fished some out. He gave one to me that appeared to have a living creature on it; we identified it as a baby octopus barely an inch long.

A couple days ago we went to the Tongan church to hear the music. We couldn't understand a word they were saying but the singing was awesome. Although we enjoyed the singing an hour seemed like forever. But lucky for us we had the two crazy Tongan boys in front of us to keep us occupied. For instance when they each hit each other in the back of the head with their flip flops...

Last night we arrived in Tonga and right now we're on the boat. Mom is doing dishes, Greg is filling water bottles and I am obviously writing. We went shelling and got some really great shells. I also finished marking off shells that we found during the trip so far in the shell book.

At sea
A couple days ago in Niue I discovered a new coconut substance. Well OK, maybe I didn't discover it. A really cool guy named Stafford (star of Hurricane Island) and his wife Salome showed me that you can eat the inside of a coconut when it has the baby palm tree sprouting out of it. The first time I tried it I ate a couple bites, and ate, and ate, and ate. I ate so much I thought I was going to turn into a coconut crab!

Yesterday it was way too bumpy on the boat. Greg had been staying on it while we were at Coral Gardens hotel. We finally called him on the radio and told him to meet us at the dinghy dock. Well, waves were breaking on the dinghy dock! There was no way a dinghy could get there without being smashed. So since he couldn't use the dinghy he swam there with my boogie board. He made it but my boogie board didn't. The next day we went to check on the boat and Mom said, "Hey, is that your boogie board?" Sure enough there it was caught in a current going in and out at the same time! So, the next day when we got back on the boat Mom saw it again! It was just floating along! Greg and I got in the dinghy and went to go get it. It was absolutely thrashed! The leash was gone, it had holes in it and the sides were ripped! (The bubble in it was still there) But hey, at least we found it.

Last night we were sitting in the cockpit when we heard a strange gush sound, it was a humpback whale! A bunch of them actually. Only about 20 yards away! We went up to the bow and heard all kinds of sounds; splashes, tail flaps, body flops (breaching), groans, gurgles, sprays and moans all so close, it was awesome! We kept imagining if it were daylight when that happened!

July 7, 2006
So, were just bobbing along out here in the middle of nowhere when our fishing line starts to go out. Greg grabbed the fishing pole and started reeling it in. He said it was pretty hard. I don't blame him either we had caught a mahi-mahi. Right then and there Greg fillet it and we ate it for dinner.

Happy Fourth of July everybody!
Right now we're leaving French Polynesia to Palmerston Atoll. Overcast. Thinking about fishing. Oh, Dad, tell Indian Princesses to paint a face for me.

Bora Bora
A couple of nights ago we went to what became my favorite restaurant. Why you ask, well here's a couple of hints.I had my favorite soup (onion), favorite atmosphere (tropical), favorite roof (weaved wood), favorite drink (soda), favorite kind of water (clear), and last but certainly not least there was my favorite lizard hanging from the ceiling (gecko). So can you guess why?

Greg and I just got out of the water from diving the pass and now mom and Greg are deciding on a new home for the fenders. While they do this they call each other "love" names such as; "my little parakeet poop" and "my lovely bird turd". I am watching and laughing my head off. Oh, and after snorkeling we went on a wave with the dinghy and became "the incredible surfing dinghy"!

Today I went kayaking with mom. It was a shell hunt slash surf watch. The way we find shells is I stick my head in the water with my mask on while she's kayaking. When I see a shell I simply flop into the water, dive down and get it. We got three shells in all. Occasionally I would fall off the kayak face first. Weeeee!

June 23
A couple days ago in Raiatea I woke up to the sound of COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO! I went up to the cockpit and just happen to be able to step out on to the beach! We had drifted big time. I had to jump into the water with nothing but my PJ's on and a mask to check the prop. Luckily it wasn't caught. So, we had to move to a bay we call Mosquito Bay, you can guess why. (hint-hint)

Well, I was cutting apples for breakfast when I accidentally cut myself, ouch! The next day I was making a bread and cheese platter for lunch and I didn't want to use a knife and cut myself again. So, I just twisted the French bread to break it apart sure enough I actually cut myself on a piece of bread. Now, I know what you're saying, "only you Sierra, only you".

June 14
Today I spent some of the day at my friend's boat, Arctic Fox. At their boat we played on our game boys and Nintendos. After that we hung targets up on the ceiling and shot at them with his rubber band gun and pretended they were aliens. Later we went on the bow and made clay sculptures while his mom made us popcorn. He mostly made people clay figures and I made a sculpture of Greetings.

June 3-9

June 3, 2006
Today was fun but rather hectic. Mom was crying when I came in and it was pouring. We were halfway down the dock and mom stopped and said all the hatches were open! So we ran to the boat and sure enough the boat was soaked so we had to clean that up. But then we went snorkeling and everything was O.K.

June 7-8
Today we anchored a lot of new places. At the first one we could hear the cars too well so we moved to a different spot where I dropped the conch I found earlier. The next morning I kayaked to the boat called Artic Fox. When I got back Mom was saying where we are looks like a postcard. Which made me want to send out postcards to all my friends and family.

June 9, 2006
Tim from Artic Fox came today and invited us to go snorkeling with the rays and we were so excited but we couldn't because of my sore from to much snorkeling. So we're hanging out on the boat eating snackies, working and playing.

(Note from Mom: I am just typing what Sierra writes in her journal/log. At this moment, 4:53pm, I am in the cockpit typing, she is lying on the seat across from me with headphones on and Greg is polishing the stainless-he wants to know what is wrong with this picture.)


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